Leading the Way

Williams Administrators focus on both the current day and the future of the School.

They work diligently to fulfill the School’s mission and strategic vision, and the core values of Scholarship, Character, and Community are in the forefront of all that’s done to best serve the interests of Williams students, families, and alumni.

Head of School

Mark Fader

(860) 443-5333

“I am most proud to lead the Williams community and the fostering of our Core Values of Scholarship, Character, and Community. As the Head of School and parent of Jack ’15, Ellie ’21, and Lucy ’23, I am grateful for the outstanding education that they have received from incredibly talented and caring teachers, coaches, and administrators. The value of our distinguished program and the strong relationships formed among the students and adults in our community is truly priceless.”

The Head’s Welcome


Sharon Gaudreau

Assistant Head of School for Enrollment & Advancement

(860) 439-2789

“The community of people at Williams is what makes it most special. Our students are engaged and engaging young people who are driven to thrive in our challenging academic program. At the same time, they understand the value of taking positive risks in academics, arts, athletics, or other special interests. Most importantly, our students care about maintaining our inclusive, kind, and caring community. It’s amazing to me how quickly and easily new students feel welcome and find their niche at Williams. Students are cared for in a plethora of ways, from receiving personal greetings each day to creating new and distinctive programs, to spending time during daily faculty office hours working with individual students, they are all fully vested in the success of each and every student at Williams.”

Page Hannon talking to a student in their classroom

Jane Hannon

Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning

Parent 2007, 2009

(860) 439-2785

“Williams is a community of intellectually curious students and faculty who are surrounded by people who share this curiosity and bring out the best in each other. The connection between students and faculty both in and out of the classroom makes Williams a special place.”

Teaching & Learning
college counselor working with student's parent

Dana Clark

Director of College Counseling

(860) 439-5056

“As a college counselor, I get to watch young people make one of their biggest decisions in life and we really only make a handful of huge life decisions: college, jobs, maybe a relocation or two, whether to get married or have kids. I’ve had the greatest opportunity to watch you decide on that first big decision. How lucky am I?”

College Counseling
Heather DeLaurentis headshot

Heather DeLaurentis

Athletic Director

Parent 2021, 2023

(860) 439-5176

“I love to watch student-athletes push themselves to try new things, make mistakes, find new passions, make new friends, and grow their capacity to learn in our supportive community.”

Brian Mezzi standing outside smiling

Brian Mezzi

Director of Development and Alumni Engagement


“Every day I get to witness why so many alumni hold their memories of Williams so closely. Whether greeting all of our students each morning as they walk in, to hearing the laughs at lunch or in the hallways, it all feels like an extension of my family. Independent schools like Williams play a significant role in their communities by providing high-quality education and unique educational experiences that are tailored to the individual needs and interests of each student. Philanthropy plays a crucial role in ensuring the long-term success of the School and helps foster a sense of community and investment in its future. This inspires others to get involved and support our mission. As a result, a strong culture of giving can help ensure Williams’ longevity and success for generations to come.”

Chelsea Rallis headshot

Chelsea Rallis

Upper School Dean


“I think the most important thing to helping my students grow is allowing them to understand the meaning behind what they are learning. Making connections between our curriculum, as well as the wider world, helps to create that understanding and maturity students need to succeed as they move towards their college, careers, and beyond. Additionally, simply providing safe spaces to express opinions, try something new, or simply to seek help is key to gaining the trust needed to join forces with students as they build on their skills as learners as well as young adults.”

Joe Cote holding reading glasses while speaking at a podium inside a classroom

Joe Cote

Middle School Dean


“I like to build a strong rapport with students so that they are receptive to feedback and develop the skills needed for self-advocacy. This is especially important for my Eighth Grade Students—English 8 is a very challenging curriculum, but by the end of the year students are proud of how well they were able to handle the complex material. We balance the rigor with some fun activities, I’m known for “Shakespeare Dodgeball” that’s been one of our most anticipated and favorite activities in my classes.”

The Board

Williams is led by a generous and aspirational Board of Trustees.

They aim to think strategically about the future of the School and how to continue to support the administrators, faculty, and staff to ensure resources and opportunities are abundant for the School.

Williams Board of trustees is comprised of community stakeholders who are connected to the School as parents of current students and alumni, as leaders in other educational institutions like Connecticut College, Mitchell College, and Three Rivers Community College who aim to further the mission of the School. They embrace the responsibility of supporting the school’s effectiveness and integrity by creating, sustaining, and supporting teaching, learning, service, scholarship, and creative outlets. They are always identifying and responding to the Williams community’s needs.


Board of Trustees


Dwayne Xenelis
Parent 2016, 2018, 2023, 2029

Russell Learned ’86
Vice President

Jared Klee ’09

Patty Luxton
Parent 2020, 2023


Brian Bonner P ’19 ’21
Rodney Butler P ’22, ’23
Amy Celico ’87
Joe Delaurentis P ’21, ’23
Amy Dooling P ’21
Susan Dowling P ’23
Marc Ekstrand
Asim Ejaz P ’26
Bruce Goldstein P ’12, ’16
Mary Ellen Jukoski
Robert Kaplan P ’21, ’23
Chris Knowlton P’16, ’20 ,’22
Suzanne Podurgiel ’87 P ’24
Parents Association Representative

Victoria Reyes P ’20, ’21
Jon Marston ’97
Andrew McKillop P’23, ’25, ’28
Adam Milne ’92 P ’24
Tyler Potts P ’18, ’21, ’24
Colleen Reardon Shay ’93 P ’25, ’27
Eric Sabetta P ’21
Kelly Simpson-Angelini P ’22
Amy Van der Velde ‘85
Noah Jenkins ’14
Alumni Board President